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40th Anniversary Season, 2013-2014
The Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre has just completed one of its best seasons ever. Cobb by Lee Blessing, not only achieved record box office and excellent reviews, it was featured in the Los Angeles Times Sports Section. Our production of Jon Robin Baitz' The Paris Letter was an LA Times Critics' Pick which prompted the Tony and Pulitzer prize nominated author to visit our theatre in person and offer an evening Q & A with reception afterwards for our patrons.

We are now proud to announce that for our 40th Anniversary we have put together a HUGE season made up of SIX EXCITING and very different plays over a 15 month period for the price of $75. In addition, our subscribers are permitted to attend free-of-charge several BONUS PRODUCTIONS that will be mounted throughout the year and will be able to bring
Two Guests to any of these performances Absolutely Free!!
by Frank McGuinness

April 19 thru
June 2
Set in a cell in Lebanon in the 1980's, three men are taken hostage by a group of Islamic militants. They are forced to cope with the daily challenges of fear and uncertainty. The men are thrust into a dangerous emotional climate that mercurially shifts between savage fighting, gentle understanding, uproarious laughter and deep grief. This story takes the audience on a rollercoaster journey through the horrors of captivity, the balm of memory and the unbreakable strength of friendships forged by dire circumstance. The play is inspired by true events and helmed by the director who brought us last season's award-winning, critically-acclaimed Cobb.
In the proud tradition of a French farce there cannot be too many slamming doors, trysts or secret assignations. A lover pretending to be someone else to protect the identity of someone else who is pretending to be someone else to prove to someone else that they really love them while staying at a hotel that the staff is convinced has ghosts. Throw in a flirtatious maid who wants to teach a young student who is studying a treatise on love that romance cannot be learned from books and you have a recipe for a head spinning comedy where no one is whom they appear to be. And that might not be such a bad thing, afterall.HOTEL PARADISO
by Georges Feydeau and Maurice Desvallieres
Translation by Peter Glenville

June 28 thru
August 11
by Clifford Odets

September 20 thru
November 3
Set in the Bronx, this timeless American classic takes us into the heart of the Berger family and the first generation ideals of their matriarch Bessie. Her pursuit of the American dream, one that is reflected in community standing and keeping up appearances, could dominate her family's idealization of love with possible tragic consequences. This 1930s tapestry of character-rich and evocative drama is more than relevant today in its revolutionary portrayal of the rifts that develop between parents and children and the younger generation's struggle for independence and the freedom to choose.
This world premiere, heartwarming family drama reminds us that forgiveness may be the simplest path to love. Mom has always taken good care of her family. She expects to go to heaven, but eleven months after she's died she's still an earthbound ghost. Like Clarence in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” she has to accomplish a task to earn her wings. She arrives at her home on the day of husband's birthday but her assignment is a mystery. There are so many things to fix. The problem is complicated by the fact that the only person who can hear or see Mom is her daughter, Kat, who has been ordered by the court to spend Dad’s birthday with him as part of her Anger Management Program. One by one the family's secrets are peeled away revealing a shocking truth that surprises even our ghost. MOM'S GIFT
by Phil Olson

December 6 thru
January 19, 2014
by Marc Camoletti

February 28 thru
April 13, 2014"
In this Tony Award-winning comedy, a self-styled playboy, Bernard, has French, German, and American fiancées, each beautiful airline hostesses with frequent "layovers." He keeps "one up, one down and one pending" until unexpected schedule changes bring all three to Paris and Bernard's apartment at the same time. Written by French playwright Marc Camoletti, “Boeing-Boeing” premiered in Paris in 1960, where it ran for 19 years and is the most-performed French play in the world. The play was made into a movie starring Tony Curtis and Jerrry Lewis, and the 2008 revival became a multiple Tony-award smash Broadway hit.
A struggling young composer’s life changes when he acquires an antique piano, which may (or may not) have been owned by George Gershwin. All of a sudden, he becomes inspired and writes glorious melodies. Could the ghost of Gershwin be acting as a muse or is it his new blossoming love affair that fuels the creative fires? Having to hold down two freelance jobs just to keep afloat, he must decide if he can seriously pursue his calling to compose. Meanwhile, love complicates everything. Naturally, it’s a musical. This world premiere features all original songs, which are a delightful homage to the legacy of American icons: George and Ira Gershwin.THE GHOST OF GERSHWIN
by Wayland Pickard

May 9 thru
June 22, 2014
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