Bach at LeipzigBACH AT LEIPZIG

By Itamar Moses
Directed by Calvin Remsberg

Leipzig, Germany - 1722. Johann Kuhnau, revered organist of the Thomaskirche, suddenly dies, leaving his post vacant. The town council invites musicians to audition for the coveted position, among them young Johann Sebastian Bach. In an age where musicians depend on patronage from the nobility or the church to pursue their craft, the post at a prominent church in a cultured city is a near guarantee of fame and fortune -which is why some of the candidates are willing to resort to any lengths to secure it. The play is a fugue-like farcical web of bribery, blackmail, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Enlightenment questions about humanity, God, and art.

Opens March 18

Todd Andrew Ball, Larry Eisenberg, Lloyd Pedersen, Mikel Parraga-Wills, Steve Terrell, Troy Whitaker, Chris Winfield.